• Pair of chromed rings

Pair of chromed rings

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Key feature
Ring weight lock with screw.


  • Pair of chromed rings
Maximum load 20 kg in vertical lift over head.
5-year product warranty.


25 mm
Designed to
Body-building at home, safely.
5 years


Restricted use
For home use only. 20 kg max. load
Distribution of ratings
Favourable review judged most helpful
Great quality! 29 Jul 2013 Build quality, price, size Weight

Unlike previous reviews I am delighted with this bar. It was made very clear to me in the Belfast store that the bar was 28mm and designed to exclusively fit their own branded weights. This suits me fine. I'm a novice and want a quality set which I can build up over time for not too much money. I was attracted to the shorter length as I am female and find the longest Olympic style bars unwieldy at the minute. Be aware that this bar only weighs 10kg though.

Critical review judged most helpful
Same problem with weight plates 5 Mar 2013 Good, heavy duty bar. Bar diameter too big for standard weight plates.

Unfortunately I didn't read the reviews before I went and bought this bar. Same problem as the other guys. The diameter of the plate mounts is about 29mm so standard so standard plates will not fit. I will be taking it back and not making the same mistake twice buy buying from Decathlon when it comes to bars. It's a shame too because it is a really nice bar.

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